Type II Diabetes Research Program

The Huatuo Institute in partnership with the ACATCM are developing a clinical research program to better understand Traditional Chinese Medicine's(TCM) role in the treatment and management of Type 2 Diabetes.

Participants who wish to be involved will go through a screening process, which include a combination of western and TCM diagnosis, to determine their suitability for the program. This includes an understanding of the disease severity, a health survey to better categorize individuals from a TCM perspective, and the participants ability to abide to the schedule developed by the practitioner.

Once accepted into the program participants will provide baseline blood sugar measurements along with a detailed medical history. Afterwards those participating will receive a schedule of consistent acupuncture appointments as well as herbal remedies, diet modification, and lifestyle changes all free of charge.

During the study participants will be asked to report changes and consent to tests in multiple aspects including blood sugar before and after acupuncture appointments, reports on vitality, and if applicable describe any changes in pain or neuralgia symptoms.

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