TCM and Type II Diabetes

Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) observes the body very differently from the western tradition of medicine.

Western doctors examine the deep mechanics of the body in an attempt to find the specific mechanism that leads to disease. From here the disease process is either destroyed or controlled with medication or surgery. In the case of Type 2 diabetes the focus is placed on the blood sugar levels and controlling the disease with insulin or other medications to help increase the patients sensitivity to insulin.

A traditional Chinese doctor observes the body as an interacting whole and by gathering details and symptoms across many body processes to paint a picture of disharmony which is managed by balancing the interactions within the body. This means that multiple individuals presenting with type 2 diabetes can have different diagnosis in TCM depending on their specific signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms can range from sleep quality, digestion, changes in senses, reproductive health, complexion, pulse quality, and tongue observation to name a few in order to accurately understand the individuals TCM Diagnosis.

A well understood TCM diagnosis is very important to develop a more individual approach and ensures a more successful treatment.

Recommendations will vary for individuals, however all will include a mix of regular acupuncture, a customized Chinese herbal formula, a mix of light exercises, and diet recommendations including eating times, food choices, and preparation methods.

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