The body needs exercise, but it should not be excessive. Motion consumes energy produced by food and promotes blood circulation so that the body will be free of diseases just as a door hinge is never worm eaten.

Hua Tuo

About Huatuo Institute

Huatuo Institute is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to provide meaningful acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments and research projects for the ones in need.

Dr. Benny XuHuatuo Institute was founded by Doctor Benny Xu who also founded the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM), the first formal acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine school to be established in Alberta, Canada, and Dr. Xu could not foresee the exponential growth that we have experienced to date. Over the years, ACATCM has become one of the leading Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine educational institutes in the country.

Our institutes name has great meaning behind it. Hua Tuo was a famous and highly respected physician in ancient China. Born around the year 110 AD in the province which is now known as Anhui Province he lived to the year 207 AD making him around 100 years old. He was thought to almost be immortal as his lifespan was so great and accomplished. Hua Tuo’s life ended abruptly while he was working as court physician for Cao Cao, the King of Wei. Treatments of the king would include acupuncture and herbal medicine and this gave him great relief. The king requested that his headache be gotten rid of permanently so Hua Tuo said he would have to do surgery and cut into the king’s skull to see what was affecting the brain. Cao Cao got suspicious of this and thought his enemies had hired Hua Tuo to kill him. Enraged, the king threw Hua Tuo in jail and then later executed him. He is still well known and respected for his expertise in acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, gynecology, pediatrics and surgery. The treatment principles that he believed to be most effective including small herbal amounts and small needle amounts to provide the best results. Throughout his life, being the first known surgeon, he had made many medical advances that have been built on over the years. To honor his memory and medical advancements made, we have name our institute after him.

Huatuo Institute strives to provide elite advancements in research, patient care, as well as eastern and western medicine integration. We distinguish ourselves by:

  • Providing TCM consultations and free acupuncture services to our communities especially seniors and people with low incomes.
  • Focusing on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.
  • Building alliances that create healthier communities.
  • Providing stewardship of resources and maintaining a strong leadership position consistent with our mission.
  • Fostering an organizational culture that respects volunteer, community involvement and social responsibility.

We would like to thank you all for your sponsorship, support and participation to make this program a great success.

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