Li Shi Zhen

2018 marks the 500th birth year of one of the most famous doctors and scholars in Chinese History. Li Shi Zhen was born in 1518 A.D. in the Hubei province of China during the Ming Dynasty. He is most noted for the development of the "Great Compendium of Herbs" or "Ben Cao Gang Mu". This is the most comprehensive text of Chinese Herbology in history and is still the source reference for all modern day Herbology books. The Chinese herb Aiye or artemesia (moxa) was first written about by Li Shi Zhen's father, Li Yen Wen. Li Shi Zhen's home province of Hubei is where the best quality of moxa can be found. The Great Compendium of Herbs details the clinical characteristics and applications of moxa. In honor of Li Shi Zhen's five hundredth birthday China is promoting moxibustion awareness and education world wide.

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