Professional Seminar - Moxibustion Rediscovered

Three Days with Dr. Chen Rixin
Date: April 20th - 22nd, 2018

Why is this seminar revolutionary?
- Moxibustion has it's own Points
- Moxibustion works with it's own energy flow
- Moxibustion has it's own theory, which hasn't been taught in TCM Universities yet
- Moxibustion has it's own sensation (both local and distal)
- Moxibustion is totally independent

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Moxibustion Rediscovered (Professional Seminar)

Student's Perspective on Learning

Does your tongue look stressed?

Li Shizhen - Father of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Type II diabetes research program
Free Treatment for seniors and low income families

Over 9% of world population affected by diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces
Over 9% of total population, about 3.4 million people have diabetes
Total 29.1 million people or 9.3% of the population have diabetes
World Wide
Total 422 million in 2014, and is estimated to reach 642 million by year 2040

Patient Qualification - Type II Diabetes Research

To qualify to be a participant of this program patients will need to be a diagnosed Type 2 diabetic and be willing to comply with the set treatment plan set up by the research doctor. Patients must also be open and willing to take diet and lifestyle recommendations as well.

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Seniors and Low Income Program

Free Treatment for seniors and low income families
Type II diabetes research program
Huatuo Institute is committed to provide free treatments to our community to enriched and better the lives of all people

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